Web Class Reveals New Methods For....
“How To Heal From The Affair And Get Your Marriage Back …Even If It Feels Impossible And You’ve Been Stuck For Years”
“Discover The Lost Remedy For Healing Broken Trust & How You Can Use It To Repair, Even If You’ve Tried 50 Other Things & It Feels Hopeless”
Thursday, May 24th 6PM CST
Tuesday, May 10th 6PM CST

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Brad & Morgan Robinson

International Affair Recovery Experts
When Trust & Forgiveness Seems Impossible To Find
  Don't Give Up Until You Get These 3 Secrets To Taking Your Life Back After The Affair
Secret #1
The Secret Every Therapist Doesn’t Dare Say And How You Can Use It To Save Your Marriage

Secret #2: 
The #1 Thing Keeping You Stuck In The Healing Process And The Shift You Can Make To Change Everything

Secret #3:
The Simple Two Part Tool That Will Usher In Your Marriage 2.0

Is This Masterclass For You?
If you’re like many of the couples we’ve helped. You feel that you’ve tried just about everything to work on your relationship.  

Maybe you start out talking about things but you quickly find that talking about stuff gets you nowhere. In fact, it just causes you to argue with each other or avoid each other. Neither solution brings you closer to what you really want.

Then you started looking outside of yourself for a solution. You may have found yourself at church asking God or your pastor for some kind of guidance. It was okay…but you need more practical help. So you found yourself perusing Doctor Google for little tidbits of some direction.

It takes about five minutes to realize you need some better tools. So Dr. Google suggests a few local counselors or coaches.  

You look for someone who might be helpful… but no one really focuses on exactly what you need. Some say they work with couples but that's one of several areas of “specialization”.

You think…well we HAVE to try something because the problems keep getting worse. So you schedule an appointment. You show up and the therapist/coach doesn’t know what they’re doing. They’ve seen all of 20 couples with a similar issue to yours in their 20 years in practice and it shows.

So…you’re back to the drawing board. What stinks now is your partner is even more checked out of the relationship and they aren’t really interested in going to yet another quack.

So you go back to Dr. Google again to see if maybe there’s something you can do online…either by yourself or together.

You find a few things that still aren’t exactly for your situation…but at least they’re for couples…so you buy a few of them. You do the homework and everything and you even see some results.

But then a few weeks or months go by and you’re back to the same old problems. You’ve fallen back in the old negative cycles. You don’t feel close to your partner. It feels like the memories of the infidelity will haunt you for the rest of your life.  

Just changing your mind didn’t work. Just changing your perspective didn’t make a difference. Just forgiving and forgetting and letting God take over didn’t satisfy the need for healing. A vacation or increase in romance wasn’t the answer…you just take the problems with you where ever you go.  

You’ve been hurt. You know that divorce isn’t the solution because the problems won’t disappear on their own. You’ll stay hurt even in the next relationship.

So now you’ve found yourself here.

You may be wondering how is this different then anything else you’ve tried before. Let me assure you that you’ve never seen this before. You need something new and different…something that actually works. That way you’ll finally be able to heal once and for all.

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